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Mount Vernon in the fine autumn light. The light brown and pink of the stucco walls comes from the tint of the sands of the Potomac River.

Though actual copies of Riding with George have an index, I’ve saved the back matter bibliography and footnotes — for space and convenience considerations — for this web page. This allows me to link the reader to modern web guides and primary source materials, which may interest academics and persons who might want to retrace the footsteps or hoof prints of George Washington.

Beneath are some of the top links that lead to primary source material and background on GW’s travels and sporting life. On the “Notes & Bibliography” page, I provide footnotes — often further comment on actual content — and then a complete bibliography for easy reference.

First the Key Links: 

Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington
George Washington Papers, Library of Congress
George Washington Papers, University of Virginia
Founders OnLine: The Papers of George Washington
Colonial Williamsburg
Washington’s Birthplace, National Park Service
Valley Forge, National Park Service
Masters of the Foxhound Association of America
Blue Ridge Hunt
Revolutionary War Reenactment Groups
Virginia Fencing Academy
French and Indian War Reenactment Groups
The Washingtons: A Family History in Seven Volumes (By Justin Glenn)
Boston Tea Party and the start of the Revolution

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